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AHHH Wilna! I am so excited about this class!

I would really like to learn all I can about blog design. How fun….. My blog needs to be blinged out something terrible! I really would love to learn how to do it myself! It must be easier than I think…. Oh me. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!!

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Omg what an amazing opportunity!!! Very interested in this class. Just a question…I gather the information is accessable at anytime of day, but does the class or QandA component work across timezones? OK so you have inspired me to go back to my looooong forgotten blog and to start again AND I must say it is therapeutic.

My friend Ruth won to bling her blog with you… it would be great to do this together… so intersted in this. Thanks for the chance. Be blessed, Carin. Pretty Please Pick Me my Blog needs it desperately…. I very new to blogging. I feel that winning a blog make over would help me share my story and to gain healing for myself and family. So inspired by your site… Best of luck to all of you.. I was looking at the link you posted and a lot of the info gets cut off on the right hand side.

I would love a chance to win ;o I took the last Bling your blog class and tried as I might to understand it…..

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Love your work!!! OH, please pick me, Wilna. I am a lover of: coffee, late nights, game of thrones, nachos, long walks, my abby schnauzer, art making, ed sheeran, changing of seasons, boots, bracelets, deep talks, belly laughs, heart friends, butter chicken, hot yoga, the album , afrikaans, blogging, scrapbooking, dark showers, yellow flowers, best friends, my 3 girls, and most of all my right standing with God through Jesus.

Awesome blog! Love your work and I especially love your studio!

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I would be oh so greatful to win! If you link to their blogroll image and they update or change it, it will automatically change on your blog without you doing a thing. Whether the blogroll image is on your site or off, get the location URL of the image for the next step: Adding the image to your blogroll links.

To add images to your Blogroll:. If you create your own images, you can match them to your sidebar width and WordPress Theme. If they are too wide, it will mess up the look and placement of your sidebar. You can add any image to your blogroll links as long as it conforms to the size restrictions. You can add all kinds of images to your blogroll.

For example, I have a column of links which, when clicked, offer a translated version of the front page of my blog in different languages. I simply used one of the online buttons and badge makers to create these, one for each language. You are not limited to off-site links in your blogroll.

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  • This increases navigation on my blog and points visitors to important articles they may need to help them use WordPress. When you click on those links, the link adds Lorelle on WordPress to those services.

    Self-interested self-promotion. Simply create a new category for your blogroll and add your favorite or specifically helpful posts in their own category list. Blog Bling

    You can add images to them if you want. The blogroll is sorted alphabetically within the category by name, though you can choose to have them sorted by ID number, address, or rating. So I control the icon images through alphabetization.

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    Then change the title. Edit each of the links you would like to change and assign them to the new category. There is no end to all the fun you can add to your sidebar links using the Blogroll , formerly known as Links Manager. In addition to your Blogroll blog bling links, there are many WordPress Widgets you can add to your sidebar. The search form and text WordPress Widgets allow me to arrange where I want these elements to go on my sidebar as well as add their features.

    Thus, I want the search form to be at the top of the sidebar. I used the WordPress Text Widget to add a descriptive statement to help people understand where they are and what they are reading when they arrive on my blog from other sites or search engines. I believe that every blogger should share a little about who they are and what they are doing with their blog to help the reader respect their writing and feel a personal connection with the blogger.

    You can also add pretty images and photographs to your sidebar which are not part of your blogroll. Using the WordPress Text Widget , add it to your sidebar and click the edit icon. Simply add the link to the image in the text box and click away from the box and choose Update or Save Changes. You can wrap the image in a link to a page, category, or off-site location if you want.

    You can also add text to explain the image. They are highlighted with an orange RSS feed icon. This helps bring related content from off-site onto your blog. You can also change core sidebar elements around in your WordPress Theme, if your WordPress Theme is enabled to do so it will say so in the Theme notes.

    You can move the search form above or below your Pages or Categories list, or shift the Feeds Widget up or down within the sidebar list. For more information on WordPress. Site Search Tags: wordpress widgets , sidebar accessories , sidebar images , sidebar links , sidebar designs , blog bling , wordpressdotcom , wordpress. Thank you for your tips and hints. Do you know where I can find a widget plugin that will allow my blogroll categories to be ordered in the way I want non-alpha order.

    I have 4 categories of links in my blogroll, and those categories are alpha which does not make sense for my site. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. The order of the links in your blogroll are controlled by WordPress template tags, though which one depends upon the version of WordPress you are using. For WordPress 2.

    Get Found: Bling Your Blog With ‘Hotwords’

    Check there for specifics on how to set the parameters to control how the list in your blogroll is sorted. How do you get the titles — search, archives, recent comments, blogroll, etc. Jenny :. As for titles to specific sections, the text is there for a reason.

    Bling to your Blog Bling to your Blog
    Bling to your Blog Bling to your Blog
    Bling to your Blog Bling to your Blog
    Bling to your Blog Bling to your Blog
    Bling to your Blog Bling to your Blog

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