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Humphreys, the tra-ner, succeeded in getting a little more sleep on Monday night, but his condi- tion on Tuesday morning did not show any, improve- ment. The cremation of Mr. Weatherby takes place on Thursday next at Woking. The Exchange Telegraph Company learns tha. The race looks like proving the best of the week. The favourite Humber of the Princess, which the Prince used while a.

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A friend who was at Newmarket the other day tells me says the "World" that Whittier is not likely to stand training again, which ie much to be regretted, as a race between Mr. Ilussfcl's colt, Sir A isto, Marco, Keelson, and Lord Drummond might have been one of the great features of Ascot week, since they are all engaged in the Hardwkke Stakes. The stable in which Whittier is trained contains a highly promising Derby colt in Bucephalus, who be longs to Lady Meux, and although entered for the Two Thousand, he is not likely to run before Epsom, as he wants time.

M'Cal- mout's Derby candidate. Knight of the Thistle. On public form St. Frus-; quin holds all these animals perfectly safe. Lord Roseibery will have a nice colt next year in The Winter King, who is rapidly improving, and the Duke of Portland's Chancery is talked of as a promising "dark" candidate for the Derby. One Penny. Paokoqt6 of Kve. Manufacturers: George Mason and Son, Chesterfield.

Double-barrelled Breech-loaders from J Cartridges from 6s A Spocir J for Each Day. My terms: 2s. Is, No. Abraham Haywtard, the famous '"Quarterly' reviewer, once thought that he would like to have some ajioestsors, so he walked straight to a paoture-deale;'o. Selecting a portrait of a cavalier in half armour, with features not quite unlike his o-D. Seeing vli'J- it attrachd liis quest's attention. Lord Hougfctoti said: "Very good picture that!

Portrait of a Alalnes of the Commonwealth period—an ancestor o. M-d, "he was very near being an ancestor of mine. Sold by ill Che rusts and Storee. Blaiberp's Arcade. I B Arcade.

  1. Evening News, Volume 8, Number 39, 7 December 1903 — Page 1.
  2. Akashic Earth: Chapters Four and Five.
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  6. It was decided, I wee, to make the usual fixtures with the South Wales Ciubs. We look to our juniors t. It occurs to me that, with such players as Pullen, J. One bowler, for example, that i could name is considered gooc. Cardiff don't think he worta looting after, but let hun xun around loose. That ia not the way to put cricket on a level wish fool- ball.

    Our fo-vmrd- require t obe better than the tnglisimieu to secure ecope for the backs.

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    If they are merely equal, or even inferior, then down goes our house. Exactly the same opinion, by the way, thai I advanced a few daye back. My friend, however, does not give us his opinion as to which pack is the stronger, and tbereon lies fhe orux of the whok affair. The winter edition of that indispensable book of reference, "Ruff's Guide to the Turf," has iust been issued from the "Sportsman office, Locoor.

    The guide wn ialijt-, a complete return of past racing in all branches of the sport, from the end of November, , to the end of the flat racing season of It is, of couriia, impossible ro eaiutrierate the whole of the valuable information the volume contains: it can be understood when I say that everything in the way of information that can be of any possible use to a racing man i? Handsomely bound in calf, the priOt, ie 7p.

    The "Irtmar Month'' for , also issued from "i! The Jones' family are tc b" rferengthenad in South Africa by another recruit from Walta-.

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    Cardiff, has been ordeied to the Cape by his doctors for the take of his health. Jomes is suffering from chon complaints, but physicians -egard his recovery as ccrtain in the srJobrioue climate of South Africa Mr. He has Juckily secured a lucra- tive appointment at ISasfc ixundon. Local tethers are busily engaged in making a shilling collection, so-M to preseot "T. Business is meant.

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    Forward money at once to "Sporting Life. The match is to take place at. Swaueea on Christmas Eve. Fir,—I notice that a Bangor arithmetician lias been stating to your ooresponaent that it is an extraordinary ooincd. But, if he had considered for a moment, he would have found that it cannot possibly be c :l. Bolton beat West Hroni wich Albion by two goal- to one, the result In the list would read as follows :— Pts.

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    West Bromwich Albion 1 2 Bolton 9 1 The total beinjr 3 3 And so on for any number of games and any r. The Mountain Ash team are evidently bent on snaking no mistake as to the destination of ilxe Glamorgan County League Challenge Cup Mid inedalc this season.

    Article text

    On Saturday last, they get half-way through the competition by a meritorious win over Llywnypia on the ground of the present champions. The following is the result of the first seven n-auohes played: — For.

    cinraderloter.ml V' -Tiecrky. Frank Mills, their old captain and 'etf! In Aachen, Germany, women make up the force of letter-carriers. They wear uniform- of mack dresses with yellow trimmings and biack glazed fitt-ts with ye ir. Having sent on the wounded and those who could make their escape, he turned1 his face to the enemy, being surrounded by his personal attendants, Negussie, his interpreter, his servant Ailu Mariam, Uold Gaber, and some others.

    He was the first to be wounded, and. Negussie tried to he4P him along, giving him his arm. This attempt proving a failure, his servants defended him while their ammunition lasted. Finally, seeing that Major Toselli was dead, Neguss-ie shot himself with his revolver, Ailu Mariam followed his example, and Hold Gaber slabbed himself to the heart with his dagger. This account is given by one of the regulars who came in with General Arimondi. This chivalrous devotion of the native troops to the Italian officers agrees with all that we hear from the Colony and with what we know of the general relations of the officers with their men, and explains the staunchness of the battalions during tins long and desperate battle, only one party of the irregulars and none of the regu lars attempting to retreat until the order was given.

    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!
    .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One! .Four Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!

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