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But there is a significant amount of research on how much immigration can offset population aging in low-fertility countries such as the United States, and the answer is clear — not much. In fact, immigration may even contribute to population aging. It becomes apparent that the effect of alternative immigration levels on population age structure is small, unless we are willing to entertain a volume of U. If we wanted to use immigration to offset population aging, the level necessary would have to be truly enormous. Assuming current levels of immigration continue, the latest projections indicate that the total U.

Future immigrants and their descendants account for nearly all 75 million of the increase. Under this scenario, 59 percent of the population will be working-age 16 to By contrast, in a zero-immigration scenario, 57 percent of the population would be working-age in More realistically, if immigration were limited to half of the expected level, 58 percent would be working age.


Part of the reason immigration has such a modest impact on the working-age population is that, while it certainly adds a lot of new workers, it also adds children and retirees over time. Most people will recognize why a larger senior population increases government expenditures, but a larger child population does as well. Of course, the children of immigrants eventually grow up and become workers, but by the time this happens, a significant share of their immigrant parents will have reached retirement age.

These two trends tend to offset each other over time. As a result, immigration does not have much of an impact on the share of the population that is working-age.

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Even if we exclude children from the analysis and focus only on the ratio of working-age people to retirees age plus , the impact of immigration is still modest. There will be 2. The impact, while not trivial, is modest. In fact, it is likely that the current Census Bureau projections, on which our analysis is based, overstate the impact of immigration on aging. In a new paper authored by myself and Karen Ziegler, we find that immigrants are coming to America at much older ages than in the recent past.

The average age of newly arrived legal and illegal immigrants has increased from 26 in to 31 in The share of newly arrived immigrants who are 55 or older doubled from 5 percent to 12 percent. In other words, about one in eight new immigrants are now arriving in America old enough to move directly into a retirement community. Several factors likely explain the rising age of new arrivals.

Fertility is declining and life expectancy is increasing all over the world. Older populations in sending regions translates into older immigrants coming here, at least to some extent.

Equally important, under current law any citizen can sponsor a parent, and there are no numerical limits on this immigration category. If you need help outside of our normal business hours, or if our representatives are busy assisting other callers when you call, you can use our digital tools and resources.

Emma Emma , our online virtual assistant, quickly answers questions about immigration benefits and guides you through our website. Other Online Tools We have a number of convenient and free online tools you can use to manage your case, any time, on any device.

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These include: Change of address. You must report a change of address when you move.

You can do this online at uscis. General case status.

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To check the status of a pending application, visit Case Status Online. If you want to know how long it may take to get a decision on your case, visit our case processing times page. Online filing. Technical Issues If you have been locked out of your USCIS online account or need other technical help, you may send us an online message.

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