Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)

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Franca Mancinelli

Hollow Heart

Calzando scarpe che non hanno mai premuto la terra, dormiremo nel centro dello sguardo, come neonati. Traveling without knowing what brings me to you. I know you're going beyond the limits of the sheet of paper, of the cultivated fields. It's your way of coming face to face with me: like water in its course, branching off.

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Looking out the window, I kept reading into your face until light came. Viaggio senza sapere cosa mi porta a te. So che stai andando oltre i confini del foglio, dei campi coltivati. In the evening, a cigarette between his fingers, watching the sky darken like moistened soil, my father waters his garden. Here, where the flow has trickled out, sprout plants with poisonous fruit, stiff stalks of grass with tiny flowers.

La sera, con una sigaretta tra le dita, guardando il cielo scurirsi come terra bagnata, mio padre annaffia. Qui, dove il flusso si perde, crescono erbe dure dal piccolo fiore, piante dal frutto velenoso. Ma non riesco a zapparle via, non riesco a riparare la falda. Every morning I force myself to put on clothes, shoes, as if I always had another number, another size.

I still grow in the darkness, like a plant drinking from black soil. Getting dressed demands losing the branches extending into sleep, their most tender leaves open. You can suddenly feel them falling like an unexpected winter. At the same time you also lose the tail and the wings you had. You feel it happening somewhere in your body. Now you only need to look for your clothes. To glide like a sunray, until the light dims. Cresco ancora nel buio, come una pianta che beve dal nero della terra.

Puoi sentirle cadere a un tratto come per un inverno improvviso. Nello stesso istante perdi anche la coda e le ali che avevi. Da qualche parte del corpo lo senti.

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Non resta che cercare il tuo abito. Scivolare come un raggio, fino al calare della luce. Unfinished sentences remain ruins. You know the pain of every tile, every brick. A dull thud in the clearing of your chest. You who are unpacking your suitcase, you forget to leave. Le frasi non compiute restano ruderi. Sai il dolore di ogni tegola, di ogni mattone. Un tonfo sordo nella radura del petto. Tu che disfi la valigia, ti scordi di partire.

When we get up in the morning, we put a jug on our napes.


Past the house every street is unsafe, then a small leafy clearing opens out. Even after reaching the water source, the way back is difficult because of the brambles and intersections. But what matters is that once again you place the jug on your nape the next morning. This is why we stare at the horizon, and keep our backs straight. La mattina alzandoci reggiamo una brocca sulla nuca.

The old woman who lives in the next building sometimes goes out onto her balcony. She sweeps, hangs the wash on the line, collects it, waters two flowerpots.

4. Conclusion

When she passes, she will leave a clean space shaped by her life. Such instinctive precision guides me for short sequences: I shift the dust, change the places of things. And as if reemerging from the fog, another space opens wide in my mind. Spazza, stende i panni sul filo, li raccoglie, annaffia due vasi.

Quella precisione istintiva mi guida per brevi sequenze: sposto la polvere, cambio posto alle cose. E come riemergendo da una nebbia, si spalanca un altro spazio nella mente.

Besides the gestures of slicing, dosing, cooking. I always return to the beginning, to things as they were: made up of themselves, turned back into their peels. So I bite into them, chew them to a pulp. More than bringing things to my mouth, I open it. In the body, they shine like dying stars. The rays vibrate, finding their way to the eyes. Shelled pumpkin seeds, tiny sesame seeds, linseed: a theft it is all right to commit. From every joint, even you can take flight.

Sprinkle a little flour on your palms, cheekbones, forehead. This is how wars and transformations begin.

4. Conclusion

Ma tu porti argilla. Vai verso i luoghi rotti e vuoti. Sei chiamato dagli spazi caldi, un manovale sudato che sorride del suo lavoro che crolla. Sorridi, ricomincia il tempo. Una tunica tiepida ti avvolge fino alle tempie, ti riporta in cucina, nella tinozza sul tavolo. Ti bagna i capelli, tra le mani grandi di tua madre. But you bring clay. You add more clay from the beginning of the world.

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About The Italian Translator (Aldo Magagnino)

In-Moral Italian Edition. Naike Ror.

Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition) Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)
Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition) Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)
Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition) Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)
Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition) Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)
Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition) Lamore ai tempi della pietra (Italian Edition)

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