Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)

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Sailing in February , he disembarked at Terceira, whence he passed to S. Miguel, then the seat of the Liberal government.

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Here he became a co-operator with the statesman Mousinho da Silveira, and assisted him in drafting those laws which were to revolutionize the whole framework of Portuguese. In his spare time he wrote some of the beautiful lyrics afterwards collected into Flores sem Fructo.

He took part in the expedition that landed at the Mindello on the 8th of July , and in the occupation of Oporto. Early in the siege he sketched out, under the influence of Walter Scott, the historical romance Arco de Sant' Anna, descriptive of the city in the reign of D. Pedro I. In the following November he was despatched as secretary to the marquis on a diplomatic mission to foreign courts, which involved him in much personal hardship.

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In the next year the capture of Lisbon enabled him to return home, and he was charged to prepare a scheme for the reform of public instruction. When he got back, the government employed him to draw up a proposal for the construction of a national theatre and for a conservatoire of dramatic art, of which he became the head. He instituted prizes for the best plays, himself revising nearly all that were produced, and a school of dramatists and actors arose under his influence.

To give them models, he proceeded to write a series of prose dramas, choosing his subjects from Portuguese history. He began in with the Auto de Gil Vicente, considering that the first step towards the recreation of the Portuguese drama was to revive the memory of its founder, and he followed this up in by the Alfageme de Santarem, dealing with the Holy Constable, and in by Frei Luiz de Sousa, one of the few great tragedies of the 19th century, a work as intensely national as The Lusiads.

The story, which in part is historically true, and has the merit of being simple, like the action, is briefly as follows.

Miragaia by Visconde de João Batista da Silva Leitão de Almeida Garrett

Thereupon the pair separate and enter religion, and Manoel becomes the famous chronicler, Frei Luiz de Sousa q. The characters live and move, especially Telmo, the old servant, who would never believe in the death of his former master D. Entering parliament in , Garrett soon made his mark as an orator. In that year he delivered many notable discourses in defence of liberal ideas. He also brought in a literary copyright bill, which, when it became law in , served as a precedent for similar legislation in England and Prussia.

While attending with assiduity to his duties as a deputy, he wrote, about this time, the drama D. Filippa de Vilhena, founded on an incident in the revolution of , for representation by the pupils of the conservatoire, and the session of saw another of his oratorical triumphs in his speech against the law of tithes.

In July an excursion to Santarem resulted in his prose masterpiece Viagens na minha terra, at once a novel and a miscellany of literary, political and philosophic criticism, written without plan or method, easy, jovial and epigrammatic. He took no part in the civil war that followed the revolution of Maria da Fonte, but continued his literary labours, producing in the comedy A Sobrinha do Marquez, dealing with the times of Pombal, and in an historical memoir on Mousinho da Silveira.

He spent much of the year in finishing his Romanceiro, a collection of folk-poetry of which he was the first to perceive the value; and in June he was created a viscount. In the following December he drew up the additional act to the constitutional charter, and his draft was approved by the ministers at a cabinet meeting in his house.

Further, he initiated the Conselho Ultramarino; and the Law of the Misericordias, with its preamble, published in , was entirely from his pen.

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In the same year he became for a short time minister of foreign affairs. He died on the 9th of December He is considered to be the introducer of the Romantic movement in Portugal. He is regarded as one of history's greatest Romanticists and a true revolutionary and humanist.

In London, where he sought refuge, he continued his adhesion to romanticism by publishing Adozinda and Bernal- Francez, expansions of old folk-poems, which met with the warmest praise from Southey and were translated by Adamson. Membership He was a Freemason. Besides his strong religious faith, Garrett was endowed with a deep sensibility, a creative imagination, rare taste and a singular capacity for sympathy. Thus, though a learned man and an able jurist, he was bound to be first and always an artist. His artistic temperament explains his many-sided activity, his expansive kindliness, his seductive charm, especially for women, his patriotism, his aristocratic pretensions, his huge vanity and dandyism, and the ingenuousness that absolves him from many faults in an irregular life.

From his rich artistic nature sprang his profound, sincere, sensual and melancholy lyrics, the variety and perfection of his scenic creations, the splendour of his eloquence, the truth of his comic vein, the elegance of his lighter compositions. Back to Profile. Local wines are available at the chic lobby bar. Features a spa with indoor and outdoor pools. The construction started before Portugal was a nation, which explains why the whole city has grown around the Cathedral itself.

With several architectural styles visible on its facades and walls, namely Romanesque and Gothic, with a mostly baroque interior, over the years the Cathedral has incorporated five chapels, two cloisters, a Galilee, an Apse chapel, a chevet, and a sacristy.

Considered to be one of the greatest symbols of the city, this stunning structure welcomes those who come to Braga. The Archbishop D. Diogo de Sousa responsible for works such as the Arcada and the chevet of the Cathedral ordered the construction of the Arch in the 16th century probably in The concept of the Arch of the New Gate was considered innovative at that time: since there were no longer wars, a door would not be necessary. Today, the Arch leads visitors to its historical arteries. The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus and its surrounding area is the most prominent place in the tourist postcards of Braga.

Its architectural complex is majestic, with predominantly religious, baroque, rococo and neoclassical architecture. The Arcada is the central point of Braga. It is in this place, designed by Archbishop D. Diogo de Sousa in the Middle Ages, that visitors can feel the true aura of Braga. From , built on the initiative of Archbishop D.

Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)

Rodrigo de Moura Teles, this Arcade consists of eight arches on each side and three arches in the central part, a total of 19 arches. This is the ideal refuge for anyone looking for a quiet space, perfect for reading a book or sharing love pledges. In the middle of the garden, there is a statue of Saint Barbara on a seventeenth-century fountain, which turns this garden into one of the most beautiful places in Braga.

At the bottom of the garden, the high stone wall with crenels resembles a castle, turning this place into a special beauty. Best Destinations Best Romantic Destinations. Best Christmas markets. Best beaches in Europe. Cheap hotel deals in Europe.

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Cheap flights to Europe. Subscribe to discover latest travel inspiration, tips and deals from European Best Destinations. Young, dynamic and cosmopolitan, Berlin will amaze you! Braga is a city of huge beauty and heritage richness.

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      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition) Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)
      Miragaia Romance Popular (Portuguese Edition)

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