Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)

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When I reached his waist I hooked my thumbs inside the waistline of his shorts and pulled them down his muscular legs. His cock bounced out, almost hitting me in the face. It was huge. I couldn't wait to taste it. When I was done wiping him I threw the towel on the floor and moved closer to him. My nipples hit his chest and I stood on my toes to reach to kiss him. His cock was hot and hard against my stomach.

It didn't take long for him to respond. He slid his tongue between my lips, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with hunger. After an eternity he finally let me go. I'm supposed to meet Charlotte for lunch.

When we started dating, I was SMITTEN

I have to leave in 10 minutes. That was NOT in my plans.

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I had to do some damage control. I got up from the bed and kneeled in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth. I didn't know what to do, but I'd read enough about blow jobs to start bobbing my head forwards and backwards, sliding his cock across my lips and teasing it with my tongue. I must be doing something right because his moans got louder and louder. Soon his hands had my head in a strong grip and he fucked my mouth, forcing himself into my throat.

I thought I was going to gag and my throat reflexes got Eric even more excited. Then he made a final push and he groaned out loud as he came in my mouth. He slowly pulled out while cumming and the last of his spunk landed on my tits. He pulled me up and kissed me deeply, sharing the cum that was in my mouth. Charlotte hardly ever sucks me and she won't let me cum in her mouth. Not that it mattered. I'd loved the feeling. He grinned at me. I'll be right here tomorrow morning. Make sure you have plenty of condoms because I'm going to show you what happens to little slut girls who try to play with the big boys.

I spent an hour in bed masturbating and fantasising about the next day. Then I took the money my parents had left for emergencies and went shopping. I found a shop with blacked out windows and went inside.

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It was a slut's paradise. I wished I had a credit card because there was so much to choose from. I finally settled on a crotchless teddy that served my tits on a tray and a transparent pink babydoll with matching g-strings. On my way to the checkout I saw the vibrators. I'd love one of those. I found a gel vibrator with a bunny attachment and I also picked up a large packet of condoms and a big tube of lube.

The sleazeball behind the counter told me that I could have a discount if I let him play with my tits for five minutes.

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Sex starved as I was, and short of cash, I pulled my t-shirt and bra off and soon his face was buried between my tits and he started sucking and tweaking my nipples. It was the first time I'd ever experienced anything like that and I felt wet between my legs. A guy walked into the shop while this was happening and he told me he'd buy me anything in the shop I wanted if he could have five minutes too.

Half an hour later I'd had five guys fondling my tits and I came out of there with not only my own heavily discounted purchases, but also a black lace bra and French knickers set, a red teddy and a black fishnet body stocking with an open crotch and bust. As a reward for trying all those outfits on in front of my adoring audience I also got an ass vibrator that Dom the shop owner demonstrated on me and immediately had me hooked on and some stick-on nipple jewellery.

I left the shop happy and horny and I was sure the guys in there hadn't known I was a virgin. I was getting bolder by the minute and I knew for certain that I'd been born to be a slut. I spent the evening watching the Conner house. Charlotte did her little things and finally went to bed shortly after I dressed in my body stocking and sat and teased myself with my vibrator when I heard Eric returning. He must've seen me in the window as he smiled and waved at me.

I went to bed and set the alarm at 7. The following morning I woke up wet and horny. I checked out my new outfits and decided on the pink babydoll.

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Stealing Beauty

I placed the box of condoms and the lube on my nightstand and waited. Let me see what I can do. I was horny as hell, and dying to get rid of my virginity, and his fucking wife kept throwing a spanner in the works. I hoped she choked on her own vomit. Two hours later the phone rang again. Can you meet me in the car park behind the high school in half an hour? I'm so horny for you and it's killing me to know that your sexy body is so near me and I can't touch it.

After all my planning, was I going to lose my virginity in the back of a car after all? I told him I'd meet him in the car park. I pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, not bothering with underwear, and I was parked under a tree, in a corner of the car park, when Eric pulled up next to me. He exited his car and slid into the backseat of mine with me. He pulled me into his arms and started kissing me. I cried with delight as his tongue tickled my engorged clit. He started lapping up my juices like a thirsty dog and I massaged my tits while moaning with pleasure.

You taste delicious. Then he started licking my clit and finger fucking me, just like I'd done myself, but it felt much better with his finger. I wanted it to last forever but my body gave in far too quickly and I cried out as my pussy showered Eric's face. We soon kissed again and I tasted my pussy on his lips.

You're so tight and delicious. I wish I could go home with you and fuck you right now. Big publishing houses and film studios began courting her.

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Another said it took too long to get to the sex. Anne Messitte, the publisher of Vintage and Anchor Books, won James over when she said the novels should be stocked at the front of bookstores, not buried in the erotica section. Vintage constructed a complex deal, which transferred publishing rights from the Australian publisher, while simultaneously buying the underlying rights from James. The company paid a seven-figure sum for the trilogy, and ordered a ,copy first print run. The books sold so quickly in Britain that the printers ran out of silver ink for the iconic black and metallic gray covers, which James designed herself.

In the United States, Vintage printed more than a million copies a week to meet demand, overwhelming its paper suppliers. At book signings, fans wept, which in turn made James cry her publicist always carries boxes of tissues on tour. In Portland, Ore. James was bewildered by her overnight success. The series altered the literary landscape, paving the way for more boundary-pushing erotica, and changed the way that major retailers and entertainment companies catered to female desire. Sales of sex toys surged. James became a taboo-breaking evangelist for certain kinds of sexual fantasies that women were often silent about, or ashamed of.

James wants to show me some nipple clamps she helped design in collaboration with the sex-toy maker Lovehoney , a British company that produced a line of Fifty Shades-themed erotic accessories. Lovehoney had first proposed some heavy, industrial-looking clamps, which James rejected.

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  • Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica) Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)
    Stealing Her Husband(First Time Erotica)

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