The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02

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Go to Link Unlink Change. Designation of uniform Blue, which included optional wearing of white or gray shirts, has been cancelled, and provision has been made for optional wearing of the gray shirt with Service Dress, Blue, A and B for officers and warrant officers, and with Dress, Blue, A and B for CPOs, cooks and stewards except on dress occasions. The khaki working uniform was re-instated as the permanent summer working uniform. Wearing of the gray working uniform is optional until 15 Oct Lower pockets on the coat of the khaki working uniform have been changed from bellows style to patch style.

Persons possessing khaki coats with bellows type pockets will be permitted to wear them until they are no longer serviceable.

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The 15 Oct date has also been set as the date on which khaki tropical worsted, wool gabardine, palm beach type or rayon gabardine will be designated as the summer service uniform. Khaki cotton shirt and trousers will be designated as the summer working uniform.

The white uniform will be designated as summer dress. This is the same as Service Dress, Blue, D for officers. In the revision of chapter VIII on insignia, the air gunner's distinguishing mark has been changed to that of the aircraft machine gunner, second class. A distinguishing mark of the same design but with a star immediately above the winged machine gun is authorized for aircraft machine gunners, first class.

A brassard for enlisted men assigned to recruiting duty was authorized. All non-rated men who are qualified and have been designated as strikers in accordance with instructions issued by BuPers are authorized to wear the specialty mark of the rating for which they are striking. Gold and silver rating badges and gold service stripes again must be worn by qualified personnel.

During the war this regulation was modified to permit the wearing of blue and white rating badges. Should insignia are no longer authorized. In addition to service in the Navy or Naval Reserve, service in the Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Army may be counted in determining eligibility for service stripes.

Regulations regarding aviation insignia have been clarified, permitting officers who have qualified to wear aviation insignia to continue to wear such insignia on return to enlisted status, and to permit enlisted personnel who are qualified to wear aviation insignia provided for in chapter IX of Navy Uniform Regulations and are subsequently promoted to commissioned or warrant ranks to continue to wear such insignia. The distinguishing insignia previously authorized for Naval Aviation Observers Radar, Navigation and Tactical have been abolished.

Meet Bluecoats' 2019 drum major

They shall now wear the insignia authorized for Naval Aviation Observers. Uniform regulations as to when retired personnel not on active duty are entitled to wear their naval uniform, have been rewritten in more detail. Such personnel may wear the prescribed uniforms of the rank or rating held on the retired list when the wearing of the uniform is appropriate.

They may not wear the uniform in connection with non-military, civilian or personal enterprises or activities of a business nature. Retired personnel in an inactive duty status in a foreign country may not wear the uniform except when attending - by formal invitation - ceremonies or social functions at which the wearing of the uniform is required by the terms of the invitation or by the regulations or customs of the country.

They are occasions essentially of a military character at which the uniform is more appropriate than civilian clothing, such as memorial services, military weddings, military funerals, military balls, military parades and meetings or functions of associations formed for military purposes, the membership of which is composed largely or entirely of honorably discharged veterans of the services or of Reserve personnel. Authority to wear the uniform, under the Act and under this interpretation, includes authority to wear the uniform while traveling to and from the ceremony, provided such travel in uniform can be completed on the day of the ceremony.

Two advance changes in the uniform for enlisted personnel have been approved by the Secretary of the Navy. No date for official adoption by personnel has been set. Such date is expected to provide a period during which the old-style uniform will continue to be authorized as long as serviceable.

The bluecoats 2 the navy blues

Blue trousers will have hip and slash side pockets, with a fly front. The dress blue jumper will be provided with coat-style sleeves to replace the present button cuffs. Uniforms of both officer and enlisted personnel have been under study for some time by the Navy Department and the above are the first of the proposed changes to be approved. In order to provide protective coloration, slate gray working uniforms will be issued to all enlisted men serving at sea.

The new uniform will not be ready for several months, and when available may be authorized for wear by enlisted personnel below the rating of CPO. The present undress whites still will be worn for dress and liberty. Design and fabric of the new uniform, including hat, will be the same as the white uniform now worn.

Only the color will be changed. Dungarees also will continue to be worn for work at sea and ashore but the new uniform is expected to ease the wear to which dungarees are subjected aboard ship. Slate grays have previously been authorized for commissioned officers and chief petty officers Information Bulletin , September , page 73 for wear both afloat and ashore. Navy personnel on board ship actually at sea may continue to wear gray uniforms until 15 Oct In stating this, Alnav NDB, 30 Sept grants the same extension to Naval Reserve personnel for drills and normal periods of training duty not extended.

The gray uniform will be worn in general conformance with regulations governing khaki uniforms. The old-style chief petty officers' overcoat can be changed to agree with new regulations by adding a half belt in back and putting new-style buttons on the coat. To alter the blue uniform coat to conform in general to regulations, the two center buttonholes would have to be rewoven and a new buttonhole cut between the upper and lower ones.

The three buttonholes then existing must be large enough to accommodate the larger officer-style buttons. Alnav 63 authorizes senior officer present to permit wearing of khaki working uniform with coat as a liberty uniform on foreign stations by ship-based and advance base personnel when suitable dry cleaning facilities are not available.

Wearing of the aviation green uniform when that uniform is designated as the uniform of the day is mandatory only for commissioned and warrant officers designated naval aviators, and CPOs designated naval aviation pilots, serving in pilot status. All other commissioned officers and warrant officers assigned to duty in aviation commands may wear the aviation green uniform if it is the uniform of the day but will not be required to do so.

Hereafter, the aviation green uniform of chief warrant officers and warrant officers will have sleeve stripes of black braid, broken, alternating forestry green and black instead of the continuous black stripe, as in the past. Stripes will be of the same sizing and spacing prescribed for use on blue service uniforms. During the necessary period of transition, chief warrant officers and warrant officers are permitted to wear their present black sleeve stripes until no longer serviceable or until it becomes necessary to renew the stripes.

These changes in Uniform Regs. You'll be warmer and drier on that spray-lashed topside watch station when new glass-insulated clothing developed by the Navy reaches the Fleet. But you may have to wait until the winter after next before you get it. The Navy figures it really has "something" in this new foul-weather gear, but there still are some questions of minor design that have to be ironed out. Moreover, the new gear is going to be put through some rigorous tests, which will not be completed until late fall.

It probably will take at least six to eight months more before the new gear is produced in quantities. The new clothing consists of a helmet, one-piece coverall suit, mittens, and boots.

Guide The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02

Research projects leading to development of the new gear were instituted at the request of submarine forces. It was designed primarily for the protection of submarine crews and topside personnel on other ships. The new gear is lined with quilted, spun-glass batting made of thousands of glass fibres, each with a diameter of about four microns or a fraction of a human hair. Laboratory and field tests revealed that the glass fibre lining, covered with rubber-coated nylon, retains more body heat and yet is 25 per cent lighter than present regular issue gear.

The new coverall suit is made of neoprene-coated nylon outer fabric, with a glass fibre batting interlining. The interlining is quilted to the cotton-twill, water-repellent lining of the suit. A skirted hood, interlined in the same manner, is attached to the coverall at the back of the neck.

Mengenai Saya

Several important changes to U. Navy Uniform Regulations have been approved by the Secretary of the Navy, including authority for chief petty officers and stewards to wear rating badges on khaki cotton shirts. Copies of the detailed changes will be distributed at an early date. Listed below are the major changes. A new khaki lightweight raincoat has been approved for officers, chief petty officers and stewards.

It will be available about June , and can be worn with the khaki and white uniforms as an optional item. In order to further standardize officers' and chief petty officers' uniform regulations, the designation of titles for chief petty officers' uniforms have been changed to agree with those used for officers' uniforms. In line with the change in designation of khaki uniforms and to further reduce the combination of items which have been permitted with various uniforms, the following will apply:.

Only brown shoes and brown or khaki socks are authorized for wear with Service Dress, Khaki Working Khaki and the Khaki Tropical Uniform by officers, chief petty officers and stewards, and with the Aviation Winter Working Uniform by officers and chief petty officers authorized to wear it. Only white shoes and socks are authorized for wear with the White Tropical Uniform by officers, chief petty officers and stewards.

Only white or natural socks are authorized for wear with white uniform by enlisted men other than chief petty officers and stewards. Provision is included for officers, chief petty officers and stewards to wear shirts made of tropical fabrics with Service Dress, Khaki, as an optional item. A rating badge consisting of silver eagle and specialty mark with blue chevrons has been approved for chief petty officers and chief stewards for wear on Service Dress, Khaki only.

The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02
The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02 The Bluecoats - Volume 2 - The Navy Blues: 02

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